5 Easy Ways to Get Unstuck When Your Day Just Sucks

Feeling amazing on the perfect day

The Perfect Day: you pop out of bed, have an amazing breakfast, get a workout in, you're definitely rocking the perfect outfit and "Hello, Good Hair Day!" You even finish your to-do list long before your scheduled happy-hour cocktails with your girlfriends. 

But today is not that day. Today is hard. Today you don't see the point of it all, and it's impossible to focus. Here are my top five favorite things to combat the suck:

1. "Take the first right step."

As Jen Sincero writes in You Are a Badass - How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, "Instead of wasting hours and days and years trying to figure out your perfect next move, just DO something already". Every time I feel stuck, I try to think of these words and it's insane how right she is. Once you get up and just do something, anything, it's kind of crazy to watch how everything just falls into place. 

Taking the first step in order to combat the blues

2. Listen to an inspiring podcast. 

Listening to a great story can inspire you, but also just get your thoughts working on something else. Our favorites include TGIM - The Essential Podcast for Ambitious Entrepreneurs, The Mystery Show (although an even bigger mystery is why there haven't been any new episodes since July?), Reply All, and Startup. Yes, we really like Gimlet Media podcasts! 

3. Stay away from social media. 

This one might be a little trickier for some, but on a bad day, why expose yourself to what everyone else is doing? Looking at pictures from someone's "perfect day" can definitely wait. 

4. Discover some new music.

On bad days, the same old playlists seem more boring. The same tune I listened to cruising down the PCH this weekend just doesn't have the same pick me up on sucky days. I love to listen to Spotify's Discover Weekly (released every Tuesday) or find a random station on Pandora radio.

5. Daydream.

It sounds corny, but think of something that makes you happy. When was the last time you couldn't stop laughing? Were you hanging out with a special friend, or doing something you don't usually do? Try to duplicate that feeling. Maybe call up your friend? Or how about planning your next big trip? 

If all else fails, remember: today is just today. Decide that you will wake up rocking it tomorrow, because you know what? You totally ROCK!