Integrating software platforms to save your company both time and money  

How do you integrate all your systems in order to provide actionable intelligence?



Every industry is being transformed by software.  It has already automated most routine, clerical task and the online talent booking industry is no different.  Do you need a band for your son’s wedding; a DJ for a corporate team building event; a comic for a family reunion?  There’s no longer a compelling reason to pay a professional booking agent the high fees to find your talent using a time consuming, antiquated process.  

An online booking agency approached us with a problem.  They were spending too much time managing their many, separate software systems and getting little benefit from them.  They were using QuickBooks, a web based point-of-sale, CRM, time tracking, surveys, and various financial reports in Excel, to run their business. All of the platforms yielded different reports and it was difficult to know how to prioritize projects.    

Working with the owner, we started by integrating the various software platforms: QuickBooks with Point of Sale and Time Tracking; Survey tool with some of the excel reports, and so on.  We set up a consistent naming convention for data points and an easy, automated process for scrubbing the data prior to syncing. Once we felt good that everything was working efficiently and our reporting was accurate, we then began to prioritize the output.  Through close collaboration, we built a custom dashboard that provided real time reporting on the most important numbers (in this case, cost of acquisition, cash runway, and number of demos provided).  The owner can now respond in real time to the issues of the day.

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