So you've decided it's time to join Instagram!

Well first off, congrats! It's one of our favorite social media platforms. Before you can start posting and engaging with others it's important that your profile is optimized. We have over the year built many accounts for our clients as well as our portfolio companies. It's really interesting to see how the platform has changed over the last few years, like this blog postwe wrote in 2016 feels almost ancient today. Here are some we have gathered some tips and tricks on how to best set up an account:


1. Register instagram account with your company name. If it’s already taken make sure to get a name that is as similar as possible to yours.


2. Once you have registered your account, the account details need to be filled out. Think of your account as your digital handshake to a stranger. This information that you would use to present yourself to someone who doesn't know you.

  • Upload your logo as your profile picture
  • Make sure your title is not your first name and last name (if so, change it to your company name)
  • Write a bio that explains who you are, what you do and where you are in 150 characters
  • Change your account to a business account
  • Add a link to your office address 
  • Add your company's phone number
  • Add the company email address

3. Find 9 pictures that describe your business from the best angle. Typically this includes pictures of your team, the office, your service in action or testimonials from your previous customers. Make sure to spend time writing descriptive captions. If you think you would scroll past the post if you saw it yourself, others will too. 

And there you go, you now have an Instagram set up. Lights, camera, action!

About kinfizz

kinfizz has helped companies worldwide since 2014 using a process known as blue-penciling. The goal is to find the good stuff and eliminate the waste (of time, money and resources). In effect, we improve sales and marketing processes using existing, internal resources. We are also strong believers in practicing what we preach, which we do through our own ventures.