If you haven't had the chance to see or download Instagrams new feature you will be quite surprised to find the game changer they just threw into the mix. Some call it shady, others call it genius! Instagram has taken on its own stab at Snapchat stories. 

Instagram in the last year has been making some changes and their users have not only been shocked, but also not entirely pleased. First the logo change to something more generic, which made it blend into the sea of other app icons. Then the algorithm similar to Facebook which left Instagrammers less then pleased. And now - Instagram stories! 
As shady as it might be, Instagram might be on to something. Instagram users have been posting less and less. And with this new feature and buzz, users have been flocking to try out the new update. Which has increase user engagement and given users more of chance to take over on multiple platforms.  
Throughout Instagram stories you will see #ripsnap, "I don't if I like this", and "Follow me on snapchat." Users have engaged with the new feature, but haven't entirely accepted it. Users have already mentioned needed improvements for Instagram stories.  A lot of users have mentioned the need for filters, and longer video recording capabilities similar to Snapchat setup. Lastly, users have mentioned following and having numerous of followers on Instagram may lead to users stories being overwhelming.
Guess we will have to wait and see if Instagram takes Snapchat down for good or they might provide the right outlet for business to be a part of the snap stories fad. Let's just hope they take their users feedback into consideration this time.