The Power of Technology


A few weeks back Delta’s computer system failed the airline, which grounded tens of thousands of airlines. Fittingly (or maybe ironically), Delta used Twitter to reach out to stranded customers. Without seeming all Y2K at you all, it made us at kinfizz think what other computer systems/softwares we daily rely on. How much of a good thing is it? And how bad is it?


As we love to experiment here at kinfizz, we have given three of our team members a challenge. We will experiment with removing social media, computers and phones from our lives for 24 hours. We will of course follow up with blog posts outlining how it went. 

Social media:

- We use social media for updates, staying connected and also for our work with clients. Although we pride ourselves on living in the moment, it is a heavy utilized tool in our work and daily life. What would with it do to us - to remove it from our lives for 24 hours?


- We use our computers for work, hobbies, entertainment and the list goes on. What effect does it have to not access it for 24 hours?


- Our beloved phones… We all use them too much for too many things. Many people have already started shutting them off at night to try to detach. Will we be able go without it for 24 hours?


Cheers, kinfizz team