7 Day Bootcamp to Boost Your Sales


Just launched a website and wondering were all the customers are? We've Got It Covered with Our 7-Day Challenge.

These 7 tips for boosting your business are perfect for the novice online store. Be prepared to take on the world of e-commerce in only one week!

7 day Bootcamp to Boost Your Shopify Store is the guide to increase your website’s sales.

We know what it’s like to draw a blank on how to improve your company’s sales. That’s why we designed this step-by-step guide with a single problem to tackle each day for only 7 days. 

Each step takes less than an hour, but will tremendously improve your Shopify store. The way we see it: one completed lesson a day is one day closer to sipping mojitos on the beach while everyone else is stuck at their day job.

Each guide comes with a 15-minute consultation from the Kinfizz team